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How to keep a clean home when you live with pets.

For dog and cat lovers, keeping your house clean is one of the hardest daily tasks on your to-do list. Pet hair, dander, and dirt from man's best friend can prove to be frustrating and may even irritate your allergies. This could be cumbersome for guests that visit your home or when you want to enjoy a nice clean living space. So, how do you keep your pet-friendly home clean? We've highlighted these top tips to help you coexist with your furry friend.

Groom your pets regularly

It is impossible to have a clean home with dirty pets. Talk with your vet and groomer to discuss a good bathing schedule for your pet. Pets are usually bathed weekly or monthly. A professional groomer can help to trim your pet's fur and nails, provide any special treatments, and recommend products for your pet's fur and skin. However, you can always bathe your pet at home!

Use a lint roller

Lint rollers are fool-proof and can be found at most convenience stores. Anyone with a furry friend knows that their fur knows no bounds. All you have to do is run the lint roller over your furniture, bedding, or clothes to remove the fur. Lint rollers are good for a quick clean-up, but do not provide any deep cleaning.

Hire a professional maid service

It can be challenging to stay on top of things when you have pets. Pets make messes that are sometimes time-consuming or even difficult to clean up. Simply bathing your pet and lint rolling your furniture won't be enough to keep the dirt and dander away. And some home and pet owners just don't have the time it takes to deep clean their home. But that's okay!

Hiring a professional maid service can give you peace of mind and allow you precious relaxation time. Take Fido for a walk or bask by the pool while your home is getting made to look spic and span. Say goodbye to dust and dander! Mess No More Cleaning Co. serves the North Texas area and will leave your home sparkling clean every time.

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