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Preparing for Guests

Whether you are expecting guests for the holidays or you are a vacation rental host, it is important for you to prepare for guests. Here are a few things you should remember when preparing for guests.

Provide Space

This may seem like common sense, but giving a guest uncluttered space should be one of your first priorities. The last thing anyone wants to do is stay in a cluttered space. Most of us have that guest bedroom that also doubles as a storage room for all those projects we will get to sometime. Before having a guest stay in the room, make sure you have organized all of your items and de-clutter. It won’t only make your space look good, but it will make it safer for you guests to occupy. You want to prevent anyone from getting hurt in your home and having a cluttered space will increase the chances of someone getting injured.

Offer a Clean Space

De-cluttering a room or a house for guests does not mean your home is clean. Make sure the house is clean and that bathrooms and bedrooms used by your guests are spotless. If you are a vacation rental hosts, pay attention to your bathrooms and kitchen especially as that’s where a lot of bacteria can accumulate. A clean space will make your guest feel welcomed.

Change the Sheets and Towels

It is incredible to say this but sometimes hosts forget to change the sheets right before a guest is scheduled to arrive. You probably changed the sheets after the last visitor came over, but unless your last guest left yesterday and today you are changing the sheets, don’t assume those sheets you changed weeks or even months ago still feel crispy clean. The best thing you can do is wash the sheets and change them right before your next guest is set to arrive. If you are a host of a vacation home or AirBnB, remember you can always look for a linen rental service that will take the headache of washing and changing the sheets.

Wash Comforters, Blankets and Duvet covers

We’ve all heard the same advice, when staying in a hotel don’t lay on top of the comforters and if you need something warmer use the blanket because it is more likely that the blankets are washed more often than the top comforter. House guests shouldn’t have to worry about this especially if you are offering a paid alternative to a hotel. Make sure you wash your top comforters at least every two weeks if you have a lot of guest turnover and if you can any blankets should be washed every time you wash the sheets. No one wants to use a stained or smelly blanket.

For more information about guest turnover services or if you need help preparing for guests this holiday season, please give us a call (214) 769-9398.

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