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How To Hire the Right Cleaners

This is a topic of many of the in-house estimates we have with prospective clients. Most people, when interviewing new cleaning companies or individuals, concentrate on finding a NEW cleaner instead of the RIGHT cleaner. So, we want to help you with some tips on how to find the right cleaning professional so that you can have a long lasting relationship.

1. Ask questions!!!

Please never hesitate to ask questions. There are no dumb questions. Ask about their cleaning process, hiring and evaluating process of employees, and general liability insurance among any other question you may have.

2. Share your past experiences

Don't repeat the same mistake!! If you had a bad experience with your previous cleaning service, let the people you are interviewing know so you can gauge their reaction to a similar experience. Sharing good experiences will let prospective service providers know what you and your family enjoy. For example, I have a client that really likes her pillows to be arranged in a certain way, so we make a note for her team to always arrange her pillows in that way. Also, sharing your past experiences sets the standards by which you want your home to be cleaned.

3. Tell them upfront about your budget

There are cleaning companies and individuals out there for every budget level. It is all about mutual comfort. Understand that the cheaper the rate is, the more unstable is the service level usually (there are exceptions). And a more expensive service is not always the best for your budget as it will have a negative financial effect on your household budget.

Remember, you have to find the RIGHT fit for you. These brief tips will help you establish good communication with your new cleaners. This will be the beginning to the right relationship.

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