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Our Services


We clean and disinfect:

  • Tile walls. bathtubs and showers

  • Shower doors

  • Vanity and sink

  • Toilets Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and shined Floors washed and disinfected

  • Carpets vacuumed

  • Cobwebs removed

  • General dusting

  • All decorations and knick-knacks cleaned individually 


  • Top of cabinets dusted

  • Countertops cleaned

  • Outside of range hood cleaned

  • Top and front of range cleaned

  • Drip pans cleaned

  • Sinks cleaned and disinfected Sinks

  • Chrome shined Front of other appliances

  • Cleaned Floors swept and mopped

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Microwave cleaned (inside and out)

  • General dusting

  • Baseboards dusted 

General Living Areas

  • Flat areas cleaned with appropriate cleaner/polisher

  • Stairs vacuumed

  • Heavy knick-knack areas

  • Feather dusted Areas under accessible furniture vacuumed (mopped if applicable)

  • Baseboard dusting

  • ....and more.

Move Out/In, Make-Ready

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Inside of cabinets/closets cleaned

  • Blinds, doors, baseboards, fans wiped down

  • Appliances cleaned inside and out Light Cleaning


  • Empty closet floor vacuumed (mopped if applicable)

  • Window sill and ledges damp wiped

  • Wood floors vacuumed and dust mopped

  • Knick-knacks and decorations individually cleaned

  • Furniture and upholstery vacuumed (not applicable in all homes)

  • Cobwebs removed Picture frames dusted

  • Louvered doors dusted

  • Blinds dusted (wiped in deep cleaning)

  • Ceiling fans dusted (wiped in deep cleaning)

  • Lamp shades dusted Sheets changed

Extra Services

  • Oven cleaning

  • Inside of refrigerator cleaning

  • Baseboard Cleaning

  • Cabinet Cleaning and Polishing

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